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Underage Incest



Related article: Blood Red Moon II Chapter 04 body { margin: 0; background-color: #FF6347; scrollbar-base-color: #ED5135; color: #000000; } A:link { text-decoration: underline; color: #C40800; } A:hover { text-decoration: underline; color: #386018; } A:active { text-decoration: none; color: #386018; } A:visited { text-decoration: underline; color: #994100; } p, li, dt, dd { font-family: "Arial", sans-serif; font-size: 10pt; text-align: left; color: #000000; } pre { color: #000000; } h1 { font-family: "Arial", sans-serif; font-size: 15pt; text-align: center; color: #A02902; } h2 { font-family: "Arial", sans-serif; font-size: 13pt; text-align: left; color: #A02902; } h3 { font-family: "Arial", sans-serif; font-size: 11pt; text-align: left; color: #000000; } .tleft Underage Incest Stories { margin-left: 6px; font-family: "Tahoma", sans-serif; font-size: 8pt; text-align: left; } .tright { margin-right: 6px; font-family: "Tahoma", sans-serif; font-size: 8pt; text-align: right; } hr { height: 1px; border: 1px solid #A04800; } .tmain { background-color: #FF7E62; border: 1px solid #A04800; border-collapse: collapse; } .tdark { background-color: #F8775B; border: 1px solid #A04800; border-collapse: collapse; } Chapter 04 This story is purely fictional. However, some places mentioned do in fact exist, but certain things may be changed for the advantage of the story. This story will, at some point, include sexual relations between two males. If you don't want to read something like that, then leave. If you are under the age of 18 (21 in some areas), or if it is illegal for you to view this material, then you should exit out of this. This story is copyrighted and may not be copied for any reason, without the author's permission. Please send all comments to . Chapter 4 Where am I? My head was ringing and I felt sick to my stomach. I was cramped and it was very dark. I felt Andrew on the edge of my consciousness. He was far away and getting farther. The pain rippling along my bonds with Underage Incest Stories Andrew was so intense and sudden that it almost threw me back into unconsciousness, but I fought to keep my eyes open for him. I could feel his relief that I had awoken but I couldn't tell him anything other than I knew I was moving and I was in a small metal box with slits at the top on all four sides for air but it was so close to the top that I couldn't see out of them. I pushed at the sides of the box but it was welded together. I wanted to try a large animal and see if I could force it open but Andrew said no that I would only hurt myself. His mind was filled with panic and fear although it was better now that I had awoken. He would find me. They were already looking. He and Grandfather were tracking me with the others. Then gas filled the box again and I darkness blotted out my vision and consciousness. Awareness came on slowly this time it was a combination of hunger, pain, and my mind forcing itself through the sludge of my nonexistence. The strongest thing was the pain so I took hold of it with everything I had and clung to it till I could feel the mind at the other side of the pain. It wasn't really consciousness, more like a painful dream but it brought awareness with it. I have no idea how much time had passed. My brain was sluggish like I had been out for a very long time. I coughed and I could taste the sickly sweetness that was the gas. I was still in the box but one end of the box was open now. My eyes were sore and my throat hurt. I reached for Andrew with my mind consciously now and found him. He was panicked, screaming at me now, demanding that I stay awake that he couldn't take it if I slipped away again. I told him to slow down that my head hurt and if he didn't shut up I would hurt him later. He softened his tone. I told him I would try to stay with him. I had no idea where I was. I could feel his eyes behind mine, looking out the box. I leaned forward slowly towards the open end of the box. My wolf was hesitant. I could smell blood and lots of it. There was a dead man in the room. A dead shape shifter. I didn't know who it was, the man smelled like he had been dead for quite some time, maybe days. Andrew said to stay calm that Underage Incest Stories they were coming for me, just try not to black out again. I told him it wasn't like I was doing it of my own free will that they were gassing me. My wolf wanted to transform but I was Underage Incest Stories afraid to. I wanted to be human first if I could. I didn't know where I was and I wanted to be in control. I made myself come out of the box. The room wasn't empty. Angela and a young boy were strapped to the wall, unconscious. I felt Andrew's shock and relief that Angela was there and his fear as well. She had been missing as long as I had and they had been looking for her too. I ran over to the children and tried to free Angela but I couldn't get the manacles off. I knew the wolf could though. There was nothing in the room other than the bloody body and the boy and girl. Andrew told me how had been going crazy but Tim had kept telling him to listen for my heart and that as long as my heart was beating that I was alive. They had been trying to track me by my heartbeat but were not having much luck as an unconscious heart beat is hard to track. Now that I was awake they would have a better idea which way to go. My conscious mind was a much stronger anchor for Andrew to work with. All I could tell them was that I was in a room with no windows. "Your highness, I hope you didn't mind the ride. We had to make proper arrangements for you. You see now that You have killed the Prince Drake, that pompous moron, your own people will be against you. Now all we have to do is get you blooded, do you even know what that means Prince..." Brad's voice was coming over some sort of speaker system into the enclosed room. It was extremely loud and making my head ring. The headache from the gas was excruciating. I was sending everything that was being said to Andrew. He could track that as easily as my own thoughts. I knew he was having a difficult time of it and that it would not be easy for him to find me. They were so far away that all he was getting at this point was a vague direction that I was in, but it could be done. "Blooding means to send you into a killing frenzy, when you are starved enough and the smell of blood is strong enough that it forces your mind into the animal and it takes over and kills everything in reach and drinks the blood like the ancients did long ago, when your kind was much more like my own. Don't worry Prince it won't take long now. You've been starving and unconscious for two weeks already. The blood smell in that room must be calling the animal in you. The killing instinct must be maddening." "The only thing that is calling to the animal in me Brad is you. I will kill you. Never fear that." I growled but Brad kept going on like he didn't hear me. I thought to myself Underage Incest Stories that he probably couldn't hear me. It was probably a one way sound system. He didn't care what I said or how I pleaded this was his game of torture. My anger seethed. I stood beside Angela and stroked her face. Her pulse was strong and her body was warm. She was out cold but was not hurt as far as I could tell. The boy was a different story. He looked to be maybe a year or two older than Angela but he had been brutally beaten. He was so small, very fine boned, he looked so fragile. He had short brown hair, it was a bit scruffy and looked like it was usually combed to the side. His head hung, blood trickled from his mouth, and he was bleeding from wounds on his back, arms and legs. He was a shape shifter, or he was going to be some day. I could smell it in his blood. He hadn't transformed yet, he was too young like Angela. Brad must have tortured him. Well it was time to get into my wolf costume because the boy needed help and I couldn't do it as I was. I transformed, my clothes slipping to the floor as I let Underage Incest Stories the quicksilver take me. My teeth snipped easily through the manacles that held Angela. It took some maneuvering but I was able to slide her down the wall so she sat on the floor. I did the same to the boy, his beaten back leaving a blood smear down the wall behind him as I eased him to the floor. I turned him onto his stomach and I washed his wounds. They healed instantly and my saliva, once in his system, seemed to wake him up. He didn't scream but was clearly terrified. I whined, walked slowly around him and rested my head in Angela's lap as Brad's voice droned on. I wished he would shut up already, god what a self righteous blow hard. I washed Angela's face and again my saliva seemed to do the trick it awoke Angela. "Oh, Uncle Lance!" Angela's tears flowed freely down her face. "I glad to see you. Do you know where we are?" Angela threw her arms around me and hid her face in the fur around my neck. I shook my head no. I told Andrew that Angela and the boy were both conscious now, but that Angela didn't know where they were and the boy, although he was a shape shifter was terrified of me. He sat with his back against the wall trembling, his eyes huge as if he was afraid to move. I cocked my head to the side and looked at the boy sadly. He trembled and held his knees. Angela seemed to get a hold of herself, she sat back and stroked my head to reassure herself. I looked at Angela and then at the boy. Angela understood. Living with shape shifters you tend to learn the shorthand of the significant glance. "My name is Angela. This is my Uncle Lance." I stayed very still as Angela moved closer to the boy. He stared at me intently but did nothing as Angela moved closer to him slowly. "Are you ok? Underage Incest Stories I saw when they brought you in. Your back was bleeding and you looked like you had been hurt really bad. My Uncle Lance healed your wounds. He and my brother are special that way. They can heal wounds like that." Angela touched the boy's arm. He flinched but didn't move away from her. He reminded me of me after my encounter with the man who beat me. Angela moved very slowly. She took hold of his arm, rubbing slowly up and down his arm soothingly. I had to admit, she was good. She had a natural instinct for what would Underage Incest Stories help the boy calm down and Underage Incest Stories it was working. He finally took his eyes off me and looked at Angela. He put his hand on her arm and began to rub her arm as she was rubbing his. He seemed to relax. He wrapped his little arms around Angela and she hugged him back. `Andrew, love, we are doing ok for Underage Incest Stories now. Remember my eyes when I first met you, the wild fear and distrust. Well the boy's eyes are full of the same thing as mine were. Only he is much younger than I was maybe 11 or 12.' I thought to him. `Oh love, move slowly. Don't push him.' Andrew thought. I was so glad that I could still hear Andrew. No matter what Brad did, he couldn't cut that connection. I wondered if he even realized that Andrew was coming. "Uncle Lance, I'm really scared. Do you think that they are looking for us? Are Andrew and Daddy coming?" Angela started to cry. I stood up very slowly. The boy's eyes were glued to me again. I moved very slowly with my ears forward and my head low. I whimpered softly and put my nose under her hand and then lay back down beside her. I couldn't tell her yes because I didn't know if Brad was watching and I didn't know what he suspected or knew about Andrew's and my connection. "I think they are trying to find us, but the walls in here are so thick I don't think they will hear you if you howl." Angela said petting my head. The boy was looking at me as Angela stroked my head. He still hadn't said anything but his eyes didn't look quite as haunted as they had at first. He was looking at the dead body and all the blood and then at me. He looked at Angela and then touched her arm and pointed from me to the body of the man. "You think he killed him?" Angela asked the boy. The boy nodded slowly, looking at me as my head was pressed into Angela's lap. I had been slowly inching my way forward. "Uncle Lance, did you kill that man?" Angela looked down at me. I raised my head slowly and shook my head no. "Was he dead already when you woke up too?" I shook my head up and down slowly yes. The boy narrowed his eyes and looked skeptical but seemed a bit more relaxed that Angela seemed to have no problem at all believing the wolf, who was distinctly answering her questions. Brad's voice droned on. I was beginning to suspect it was a recording now as I was pretty sure I had heard everything he was currently saying before. I could tell the smell of blood was getting stronger in the room. Then I saw it. It was like a faucet or water line was turned on. Only it wasn't water pouring in. It was coming from high up on the wall across from where the three of us sat against the wall. Blood was slowly oozing down the wall. It was sick and disgusting to see the walls bleed like a bad horror movie. The smell was so strong it made me gag. If Brad was trying to entice the animal in me to come out ... he was failing. The smell was making me sick. I put a paw over my nose futilely. Angela saw the blood stream coming down the wall and got up to go look at it but I stood between her and the blood and shook my head no. I didn't want her going any closer to it. We didn't know where the blood had come from and I could tell from the smell that it wasn't animal blood, it was human blood. "Oh that is just gross." Angela said curling her nose. I lay back down and Angela sat back down next to the boy, then looked up at the wall above her but I couldn't see if there was a possibility that Underage Incest Stories blood would come from the wall above us or not. She took the boys arm back in hers and my head was back in her lap. This time my nose was almost touching the boy's leg. He seemed very curious about me but scared at the same time. I closed my eyes till they were mere slits. I could still watch the room but I looked asleep. The boy reached out tentatively to touch me then pulled his hand back suddenly as if he had been burned. Angela Underage Incest Stories scowled. "You can touch him you know. He isn't going to hurt you. He already fixed your back." He reached out again and froze. Angela took his hand in hers then and gently placed his hand on my head and stroked it back with my fur as you would teach a very small child to pet an animal. His eyes suddenly got very large, not with fear, but with wonder. I didn't move. It was clear he trusted Angela so I let her help him. She was becoming this young boy's `Andrew'. I felt my Angel, my Andrew, chuckle a bit at my assessment of his sister. "Uncle Lance, do you think it would be ok if we slept. My head is really hurting and he is exhausted." I lifted my head, opened my eyes and nodded. I shifted slightly so that the two of them could curl against me. Angela pulled him down against me with her. She had him lying so his head was right over my heart and her arms were around him. I was amazed at how quickly he fell asleep. I curled myself around the two of them, my big bushy tail covering them like a blanket. The blood loss from the beating must have taken more out of the boy than I had thought. I rested my head on my paws. I was not about to transform now. I needed to stay animal to protect these children. My instincts were raging. So far the instinct to protect the children was strongest as I watched them sleep pillowed against me. My anger and fury with that weasel Brad that he could try and make me hurt children, made my fangs grow longer and my mouth fill with venom. I knew that I was completely capable of ripping open the first thing that entered the room, threatening us. And if that first thing was Brad, I would welcome the chance to let him see my teeth as his last conscious thought. I tried very hard not to growl I did not want to wake the children. I hadn't intended on sleeping but Andrew talked me into it. He said that I needed to be strong for the children. That he was here and that it was ok for me to sleep, he would stay awake for me. It was almost like we had traded bodies for Underage Incest Stories a bit. I slept in his mind and he was awake in mine. The wolf kept his eyes open but Andrew was seeing through them now and he was able to look at the boy and his sister and the blood that was seeping down the wall. He saw when at sometime during the night a second river of blood began to seep down Underage Incest Stories the wall alongside the first. It was a grizzly disgusting macabre sight to see the walls bleed. The wolf didn't seem to be even remotely touched. He was hungry, starved in fact, but the smell of the blood did nothing to him. He wasn't interested in eating humans or drinking blood. He was not crazed. Angry, furious, vengeful, most definitely, he was that. But he was not going insane and would starve to death long before hurting children. I awoke in Andrew's body Underage Incest Stories when the sun was starting to come up. It was a relief to see the sun and then I was pulled to my own body and Andrew returned to his. It was a little Underage Incest Stories disorienting but it also gave me a sense of time. I knew that it was morning and that the children and I had gotten several hours of sleep. Andrew went back to his body and he would sleep for a couple of hours now and the others would keep driving in our direction and continue searching for us. It felt like they were getting closer this morning. They weren't near, but they were closer. The sound of Brad's voice changed. "Well Prince I see you have the kiddies all snuggled in. I am surprised by your restraint. I was told that Ancient Purebloods were like us, that they were blood thirsty, that you were all killers. Especially the young and for some unknown reason, it is suppose to be worse in the spring. I would have thought that the boys bleeding wounds alone would have sent you over the edge. I was sure this horror show would be over by now. Well I guess I will just need to make it even more difficult for you. Let's see how you do with live prey." A door ground open, the sound of heavy grinding, seldom used gears was ear splitting. Charlotte was shoved into the room and the door ground shut again. The protesting of the door awoke the children. I nuzzled them both reassuringly as their eyes blinked disoriented. Angela screamed when she saw Charlotte and the boy stood defensively in front of Angela. I stood in front of them both. I was not sure why the children were afraid of Charlotte. But their fear had me growling and Charlotte trembling as she recognized me. "Charlotte here is under the misguided belief that I can make her a vampire. Which both you and I know is impossible as made vampires are not venomous. Only Father could turn her and now she is as good as dead. You see it is she Underage Incest Stories who kept me informed of your activities. It is she who kidnapped Angela and beat that boy bloody as proof that she was strong enough to become a vampire. Oh by the way, I know that he has stopped talking so I will let you in on a secret, his name is Henry Fenrir Fitz. After your appearance, I started looking Underage Incest Stories through years of birth certificates at the Denver hospital and look who I found." Brad sneered. "Uncle Lance, does that mean that he is your brother?" Angela asked softly. I looked at the boy who was looking, eyes filled with fear, at me. He had backed against the wall, terrified like he couldn't believe something so horrible. Well I guess maybe I did look like a monster to eyes that were use to being human. It had taken months for me to come to terms with being part monster. Now the boy was seeing his future. I looked at Angela and humped my shoulders, trying to give her an `I don't know maybe...' answer. "I suppose Dr Tim will be the only one who can answer that question." Angela nodded thinking hard. I nodded yes. The boy needed to calm down. I needed him to be not afraid of me if I was going to protect them both. Charlotte stood against the wall with a knife in her hands. She held it as if she was going to defend herself with it. I growled a bit and shook my head and rolled my eyes. I wasn't worried about Charlotte and her little knife. She wasn't worth my time. My fangs alone were longer than the knife she held. I kept myself between Charlotte and the children. She seemed content to stay as far from me as possible. Charlotte was shaking so hard I wasn't even sure she could have used the knife if she had wanted to. If there was an award for stupidity, Charlotte would have been the winner. I pitied her, but it wouldn't save her. Brad was right, she would be dead soon. "Charlotte made it possible for me to kidnap you too. It made me sick when she told me how my Father, MY Father gushed at you. That sick old man. He has gone senile in all his centuries. He should be hibernating and regaining his strength because his mind has gone round the bend. To be fawning over a shape shifter and not just any shape shifter but a Royal Pureblood. You are as big a threat to your own race as mine. I am recording everything that happens in that room to take to show our world how vile and crazed your blood makes you." Brad hissed. Now I understood. Not only was Brad greedy and self serving but he was jealous of the attention Grandfather was giving me and he thought he would make himself the hero. He was going to save them all from the threat that was an Ancient Pureblood. Well I had news for him, his great plan was backfiring. All it was doing was making me nauseous. Andrew seethed and told Grandfather what Brad was saying and that Charlotte was the leak. Grandfather was livid. I could tell they were getting closer. But they were still circling, trying to pinpoint our location. Another stream of blood began to trickle down the wall. I was further sickened by the intensification of the blood smell. If there had been food in my stomach I would have vomited so I guess it was a good thing I was starved. Charlotte moved around the room closer to us as the blood stream crawled its way down the wall towards her. I growled menacingly at Charlotte. I could tell she didn't want to be by the blood but she knew she couldn't come any closer to me either. Angela was crying and I needed to reassure her but I couldn't take my eyes off Charlotte. I angled my body so it was between Charlotte and the children. It put me closer to the boy but I had to keep Charlotte in view. I whined to Angela and she came off the wall and threw her arms around my neck bawling hysterically. I rubbed my head into her chest trying to reassure her. I felt the boy put his hand on my hip. I didn't move as he came slowly and put an arm around Angela. She turned from me and wrapped her arms around Henry who embraced her. I didn't know if Brad was being honest about him. I told Andrew to get the twins on it. The boy was clearly a shape shifter but if he really was my brother, I would have another reason to rip Brad apart. I could hear Andrew talking to Jack and Joe on the phone telling them about the boy. I heard Grandfather's gasp as he told them the name of the boy and his approximate age as I gauged it against Angela. Brad was silent now. I wasn't Underage Incest Stories sure if he had left or was waiting for me to rip Charlotte apart. I was leaving her for Grandfather. I knew that there wasn't anything that I could do to her that would be more terrifying that what my Grandfather would do to her when he arrived. I Underage Incest Stories only hoped that he would have the restraint to allow me to get the children out before he attacked. "Uncle Lance. Are you ok?" Angela wiped her eyes on her arm. I was trembling with anger and anticipation, knowing the vengeance that Grandfather would take and it was making me strong. I would be strong enough to protect the children. I nodded my head at Angela that I was fine and I stopped my trembling with some effort. I knew it was making the children nervous. They didn't understand the reason behind it. They were just scared and my trembling only seemed like fear to them. "Can you change into something different Uncle Lance? I like your wolf but I want to see the other animals Underage Incest Stories that everyone is always talking about. I smiled at her a wolf grin, with my tongue hanging out. I still watched Charlotte who was trembling. This show would defiantly put fear into her. I chuckled and my wolf barked a bit. Henry shyly smiled as his head cocked to the side, looking at me closely, I saw his curiosity. I nodded my head and cocked my head to the side, waiting for her to choose. "I've seen the falcon but this really isn't the place for that one. You can't fly in here very well. How about the polar bear? Jack and Joe seemed impressed by that one." Angela looked at Henry who had gone a bit ashen in the face at her suggestion. I nodded and stepped a little way from the children and let the quicksilver take me. Where the wolf had stood now there was an enormous polar bear. I looked at Charlotte and pulled back my lips and showed her my teeth silently. My teeth were far larger than the knife she held in her hand. She started to silently cry, her fear was palatable in the room. I enjoyed it. I looked at Angela who bounced over and began to run her hands down my white silky fur. I looked at Henry, he was frightened again but the curiosity was winning out as Angela talked about how soft I was. I watched Charlotte as Henry came over to Angela and began to touch my fur. He put his head against my shoulder and listened to my heart beat and I felt him smile slowly as if it reassured him to hear it. Angela was trembling now, not because of fear but because it was becoming cold in the room. I lay down and willed my fur longer. I was a much more massive animal and when I was on the ground I could easily wrap myself around both children and still keep my eyes on Charlotte who looked like she had given up and was waiting for the death she knew was coming. I knew that Brad was messing with the temperature in the room in order to provoke a reaction from me. He was trying to make it more difficult for us. I knew that the longer he stayed and tried to mess with us, there was a greater chance that the others would be able to catch him here. The children were completely safe. They snuggled into my side, my long fur warming them as I curled about them. My teeth and claws were more than a match for anything Brad could throw at me. I wasn't sure how long we had been curled up but I felt Andrew nudge me awake. He had been keeping an eye on Charlotte for me and she had not moved. She was wrapped in on herself in a fetal position. Her eyes were glazed over. She wasn't dead, just hysterical beyond reality. Death would be a relief for her when it came, if Grandfather was Underage Incest Stories merciful and quick. I wasn't sure though that he would be either. I told Andrew what I was thinking regarding the children and Grandfather. Andrew smiled and said he would mention it to Grandfather but that he didn't think it would be a problem. Grandfather wouldn't want to expose children to the bloody vengeance any more than I would want them to see it. Andrew had news from the twins. They had been able to confirm that a Henry Vernon Basil Fenrir Fitz had been born a year before their sister Angela. If the Underage Incest Stories boy was who Brad said he was, he could be my baby brother. The twins were now searching all the hospitals records for Sarah and Henry's names trying to see if there are any other Fitz children out there that we were unaware of. I was pretty sure that Brad had just been telling Grandfather he was searching for us Underage Incest Stories and had never bothered. There was even a possibility that I wasn't the oldest. I was just the first to be found. My twins were on it though. If anyone could find my missing family it would be my twin brothers. Andrew's voice was getting stronger now. I knew he was getting closer, the pain was significantly less. He told me it was getting dark now and that I should sleep. I told him that I couldn't sleep while Charlotte sat there with a knife. It wouldn't hurt me. My polar bear hide was much too tough for her to be able to penetrate. But she could strike out at the children. In spite of myself I yawned, my bear mouth opening wide showing all my dagger like teeth. I felt Henry watch as I yawned a second time. He reached for my face. I lowered my head to where he could reach. He lifted my lip and looked at my teeth, touching the huge fang that was longer than his hand. He wrapped his fingers around the tooth in wonder at the size of it. His finger brushed my nose and I sneezed. He laughed. I could tell he was relaxing. He was warm and protected for probably the first time in his life. I knew how that felt. He finally settled back down alongside Angela and draped an arm over her and fell asleep. I thought with Andrew. `When you arrive, and possibly before, I am going to need to move very quickly and I will need Underage Incest Stories to be carrying the children so we can get them out to safety. I need to be something large but fast. Any ideas?' I wasn't sure what would be the best option. The bear was certainly large enough to carry both children, but not the fastest animal, at least not compared with a vampire. A cheetah was the fastest animal but their light frame, even if I forced the shape larger and heavier boned than it would normally be, it would not be able to hold the extra weight of the two children. `I still don't think your elephant belongs here love. He would definitely be strong and fast but you would never get out the door. I think either a lion or the tiger would be the best choice. Even the bear I think is a bit large for the door.' The image of the bear trying to fit out the door with the children on its back and stuck in the middle almost made me laugh. I was trying hard not to waken the children. They should sleep as long as possible. The longer they slept the more quickly time would pass for them. Andrew's voice was very strong now. I knew he had a bead on me. It was close to morning and it was overcast outside. I could tell that Andrew was not traveling any longer they had the building surrounded. Grandfather, Laura, Max, Jack, Joe, Sam, Charlie, Tim and the guard were starting to make an assault on the building. They weren't sure if Brad was still here. I gently awoke the children. I nuzzled them both till they were both awake and then as I stayed wrapped around them I transformed again into the white tiger Underage Incest Stories this time. I felt Henry stiffen and then relax. I had transformed much closer to him this time than I had before and there was no warning this time. He again put his head against my side and listened to my heart beat. It was as if he was checking to see if my heart still sounded the same when I changed. "Oh Uncle Lance, you're magnificent. Really I like this shape best of all." I purred softly. Then I looked at her and Henry and then up onto my back and growled softly. "What is it?" Angela asked softly. I was still lying down and the kids were snuggled into my side but I knew that Andrew was very close and I was running out of time. I needed to get them safely on my back where if Brad stormed in and tried to take them from me they would be safe. I again looked first at her and then at Henry and then up on my back and then at the door growling softly. Henry got it first. He took hold of Angela and guided her between my shoulders and then climbed on behind her. I willed my shape taller with longer legs but a narrower frame. My body complied silently to make the small adjustments I needed. My fur was long and thick. There was plenty for them to hold onto. I stayed where I was very still watching the door and Charlotte at the same time. I didn't want Brad to notice the change if he wasn't looking. Charlotte hadn't moved. She hadn't noticed the change I had made or that the children were now cuddled Underage Incest Stories up on my back instead of Underage Incest Stories into my side. I told Andrew we were ready. Then I heard the roar and the screams coming from outside the room. I stood and roared at Charlotte showing her all my massive teeth. Although I wasn't going to be the one to kill her, I didn't want her to think I wasn't every bit as angry with her betrayal as Grandfather. I knew Andrew was just outside the door. It flew open with a crash and a couple vampires and humans were scrambling in trying to get away from those that were attacking them. Grandfather was livid, Underage Incest Stories truly an angel of death, come to free us, as he looked at the 3 made vampires standing before him. He looked every bit the Ancient Vampire Lord he was. His eyes were blood red with his rage, filled with the death that he dealt, no longer the beautiful green I knew and loved. Andrew was just as angry though his beautiful sky blue eyes were blue steel now, cutting and sharp as a switchblade. He was a Gorilla, an enormous silverback, his fangs hung long in his mouth as he roared and charged. I was very impressed. The silverback had easily gone through the door chasing after the guard. I felt both children cringe away from the vampires, all crouched in defensive stances. I charged out the open door. It was all I could do to get out of the room especially since all I wanted to do was touch Andrew. I ached to touch Andrew but I knew I had to get the children out before they saw something that would give them nightmares or could scar Henry any further. I was out the door and down the hallway and up a flight of stairs and outside before the screaming began. Once outside the children, who still had human hearing, would not be able to hear the screams and cries of pain from below as Grandfather, Andrew and belatedly I realized, Charlie, took their vengeance but I could and I didn't feel sorry for those dying. Laura was there with Max, they swept Angela off my back and into their arms. Tim was there too with sweat pants and a t-shirt for me. The twins and Sam were standing guard at the entrance to the subterranean hellhole Brad had us stuck in. His facts, on Ancient Pureblood Shape Shifters, were clearly flawed. I wondered who he had gotten his misinformation from. Henry clung to me like his life depended on it now, his face buried in my fur. He was surrounded by all these people and he didn't know any of them. I understood his feelings all too well. I walked with Henry clinging with his eyes closed, first to Tim and took my clothes, and then I walked a ways away from everyone. Charlie emerged from underground first, she was not about to let me out of her sight so I didn't go too far. But I knew that Henry needed some distance. He was practically catatonic with fear. It struck me how very small and young he was. I lay down in the grass and Underage Incest Stories began to purr softly. Henry loosened his grip and looked up at me. He could see the others in the distance. It was the first time he was actually alone with me. He slid down from my back till he was sitting beside me, touching my side. I let my transformation happen and I slid into my t-shirt and sweat pants before I let the quicksilver go. I didn't want to scare the kid further by being a naked person beside him. He was touching my side now and looking at me with fear in his eyes. I very gently and Underage Incest Stories slowly wrapped my arms around him and pulled his head to my chest. When he heard my heartbeat, the same heartbeat he had heard in the wolf, the bear and the tiger, he began to relax although he continued to tremble. "Henry, are you ok?" I asked him gently, placing a hand on his small cheek, almost afraid he wouldn't respond. He nodded slowly against my chest then looked up into my face. He saw the necklace that now hung at my throat. He picked it up in one hand and looked at the wolf and the dream catcher. He let go of it and then looked up into my eyes. His eyes were a soft grey, with little flecks of gold in them and he put his head back against my chest. I stroked his short brown hair, and drew him closer to me. "It is going to be ok now. You are safe. Nothing will ever hurt you again. Not while I am here." I rocked him gently. I felt him sigh and I looked down into those troubled eyes. I almost laughed because I knew just how Andrew had felt when I had done the very same thing to him almost 9 months ago. It was hard to believe that so little time had passed. It felt like so much longer. "You know, I think you are my little brother. I didn't know that you existed. I wish I had. Until about a year ago, I was in foster care too. We have a Grandfather. He really cares a lot about us. He didn't know we were alive either. We have a real family and Angela is part of that family. See her over there. Those are her parents, Laura and Max. They are shape shifters, like us. We are a very proud, loving and strong people." He shivered but he looked over at Angela who was being held and rocked by Laura like he was being held by me. I felt his arms hesitantly reach up to wrap themselves around my neck and rest his head against my shoulder. I smiled and rocked him slowly back and forth. He wasn't as damaged as I had been. He was scared but he still wanted to reach out. I would never have been able to reach out like that. Maybe it was the hope that was doing it. He clutched at me and I felt him start to cry. I just held him and rocked slowly and began to softly sing a new lullaby, "When you feel afraid, when you loose your way, I'll find you, just try to smile and dry your eyes, I will bring the moon back into your skies, whenever you will remember darlin', I'll be there to sing to you, I promise to, I promise to comfort you and sing to you... darlin' I'll be there just for you..." His tears soaked my t-shirt and I just held him till he relaxed in my arms and the tears stopped. Andrew came up behind me then and held me as I held Henry. I knew it took all of Andrew's restraint not to sweep me away from Henry and hold me to himself. The ache in our hearts from the separation was still very raw and he needed to hold me. My tears flowed now too as the three of us rocked. He started a bit when he saw Andrew behind me, holding me, but he didn't get scared though he looked at Andrew with big eyes. "This Underage Incest Stories is My Mate, Underage Incest Stories My Lover, My Andrew." Andrew reached out and ruffled Henry's hair very gently. "He was the gorilla. Did you Underage Incest Stories get to see the Gorilla?" I smiled up at Andrew. "That was a magnificent gorilla, my love." Henry nodded still looking at Andrew, a kind of awed look was in his eyes. "Henry, I have to go Underage Incest Stories hunt. I must have something to eat. It has been way too long since I have eaten, over three weeks." I felt Henry stiffen Underage Incest Stories and fear come back into his eyes. "We don't hunt people. There are plenty of dear, antelope and elk in these hills. Andrew and I will go hunting it will take about half an hour and then we will be back." Henry relaxed but didn't let go. "Do you think you will be ok with our Grandfather and Angela while we do that? I think that Angela's Mom has brought sandwiches and drinks for you and Angela. I know she makes really good cookies. Are you hungry?" his arms tightened around me. He was not ready to be separated from me just yet. "Andrew will you please go get Grandfather for me." I felt Henry's heartbeat begin to race and his breathing take on an almost hyperventilating pace. "Ok, its ok Henry." He was trembled violently, shaking his tiny frame. Grandfather slowly approached as I gently rocked and stroked Henry's Underage Incest Stories hair telling him it was ok. Grandfather settled on the grass beside me touching my shoulder. I looked up to see Grandfather's bright green eyes full of love and sadness as he gazed at little Henry. I was almost panicky myself as he gasped for air and shook. "It's ok Henry, this is our Grandfather. His name is Lord Basil and he has the most wonderful green eyes, you can see straight to his soul through them and I love him very much. He loves us too. He has very cool skin, and his heart is silent, it does not beat as ours does, but Underage Incest Stories if you listen very closely you can hear it whispering that it loves you very much. Did you see him come to our rescue? He was there with Andrew. He was so worried about us and afraid for us." I felt Henry nod yes that he had seen Grandfather enter the room. I felt Henry look slowly up into Grandfathers soft green eyes. The trembling stopped then and he seemed to relax a bit and his grip on me eased as his Underage Incest Stories body went limp. "Ok Grandson, I will take him now till you get back from hunting. He will remain asleep till you are well and can handle him. He will not remember falling asleep." Grandfather scooped Henry from my arms. "What did you do?" I was afraid Henry had fainted. He was limp in Grandfather's arms. Grandfather chuckled a bit sheepishly, "A dirty vampire trick. We have a very hypnotic gaze when we want to. I simply put him to sleep. He won't remember Underage Incest Stories it and when he wakes up you will be there holding him just like now. He won't realize that you were ever gone. I will hold him till then. Hopefully he will be able to accept me. I am afraid that the damage done by Brad may have been too extensive. I'm afraid my little Grandson will not be able to love me." "He will be fine Grandfather. It may take a while but be patient. He is just a child. He is not nearly as damaged as I was when Andrew found me and look how I turned out. I couldn't love you more." "Yes but you weren't traumatized by a vampire." Grandfather shook his head, ran a finger down my face from brow to chin and then looked back at Henry and kissed him on the forehead and held him as if this may be his only chance to do so. "He will see Underage Incest Stories clear to your soul through those green eyes of yours, just as I do Grandfather and he will see the love your soul holds for him. He will come around." I reassured him. Grandfather stood with Henry in his arms as if he weighed no more than a sparrow. He extended a hand to me and I stood slowly. I was still a bit light headed, from hunger. Now that I knew that Henry would be ok in Grandfather's arms, Underage Incest Stories I could hunt with Andrew. We walked back to the group. Andrew had been discussing with his parents the possibility of having Angela stay with us at the penthouse for a couple days while Henry got use to his new home. They weren't sure they wanted her out of their sight just yet and I could understand completely. There was also the worry of having a family member of Andrew's living at Grandfather's house. Especially one so young, without a family member present was unheard of. It wasn't a good answer to the problem. Now that Henry was asleep in Grandfather's arms, Andrew swept me into his arms and held me as I knew he had been aching to do from the beginning. I could feel his fear for me and his relief that I was ok. "I was so worried. It was terrifying. When you were unconscious I was insane it was all Sam and the twins could do to hold me together. It actually took Stephon to get through to me while Sam, Jack and Joe held on to me. Tim finally convinced me to listen for your heartbeat. When I did that, I realized you were alive, just unconscious. I was a little better then and we all started to try and track you. When you came to and said you were moving, we started looking for vehicles. We knew you had to have gone quite a distance by that time because it was 3 days into your absence. It was torture when you went unconscious again. I love you so much." Andrew sighed touching my hair, Underage Incest Stories my face, and my arms. He almost seemed to be taking inventory of all my parts to make sure I was whole and really there. I held Andrew's face and looked into his tortured eyes. "I am good love, but I am starving. You have to feed me or I will be unconscious again and you will only have yourself to blame." Andrew chuckled at that but it was an unnatural hysterical sound as he struggled to get a grip on his emotions. I felt them flowing through to me now that his adrenalin was wearing off. I could tell he hadn't eaten lately either. "Come Love, we both need to eat. Let's hunt." I transformed into my wolf and I saw Andrew smile and become the white wolf. We took off running and I saw Jack and Joe come running after us, their sandy wolves chasing after, and Sam's eagle was on the wind. This was going to be a group hunt. To my chagrin I realized that this was going to be my first real group hunt. Andrew laughed more himself now that he was running. I knew that the emotions would work themselves out while we ran. The wolf would sort it out. He ran alongside me. Stride for stride, leap for leap we were completely one as we ran, two bodies one mind. The trees the snow beneath our feet crunching beneath our pads, it felt wonderful to be able to hunt. It had been too long. I knew where the elk were and we were on them almost immediately. One snap of the jaws, Andrew's jaws, and it was on the ground and we were feasting. Jack and Joe had taken down an elk of their own and we all four howled our success. Sam flew overhead keeping watch while we ate our fill.
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